Project Guardian Usage Guide


The dashboard is where your Add-in opens. From here you can begin your analysis or edit your settings. An overview of your stored document is also presented. As the product develops, the most important summary information will be displayed in this view.

  1. Document Summary This shows summary information about the current document. It is important that you make sure the information displayed here is accurate.
  2. Analysis Begin your project analysis and view the results by clicking this button.
  3. Settings Adjust add-in and document settings here.
  4. Blog News about this Add-in will be displayed here.
  5. Links Links to the developer blog, this documentation, the Add-In privacy policy and a feedback form.
Analysis Overview

The Analysis Overview shows a summary of the analysis on your project by each measurement section. This is the best place to get a good overview of how conformant your project is as a whole.

  1. Section name Click on the name to show a detailed breakdown of how your project has performed in this section.
  2. Pass or fail indicator This shows if the project is compliant in this section or not. Clicking on this will show a summary tooltip.
  3. Score summary This tooltip shows the current score for the section and what the requirements are for passing.
Section Detail

The section detail view shows how your project performs on a specific section. This is important for understanding how to improve your project as well as why it is important for a high-performance, low risk project.

  1. Score Details about how well your project has performed in this specific section.
  2. Description Information about this section and why it is an important metric.
  3. Tasks Shows a list of tasks which are failing this section. Click on the task to show more details about it.
Task Overview

The Task Overview section can be considered the triage area. This is where you can get the most information to take action on improving your project. A list of the worst performing tasks are presented so you can take the next steps to improve your project.

  1. Task name Shows the name of the issue task. Click on the task to find out more details
  2. Issue count Displays the number of separate issues which the task has failed on.
Task Detail

Use this view to get granular information on a specific task. This is a very detailed view which shows you every discovered problem with the task and how to fix them.

  1. Section name The section of the analysis which has been measured against this task
  2. Pass / Fail indicator To show if the task has passed or failed this section.
  3. Failure typeEach section can have more than one failure type. These failure types are shown in bold below the section.
  4. AdviceEach failure type has advice on how to rectify the problem. Follow the advice to achieve compliance.

What is the Add-in?

Project Guardian is an add-in for Microsoft Project which can help you to guard against unforeseen issues and uncover potentially hidden problems in your schedule. Project Guardian will do extensive checks, tests and analyses on your project and present these to you.